10th August
written by Tellus


If you have come to this site looking for planetary information of our beloved planet Tellus..
I’m afraid I have to disappoint you.

This site is about what I come by in my everyday life here on Tellus while in pursuit of becoming a tellus guy.

You can (soon) read more about my background for the various topics this blog will touch upon in “About me”.

Expect to read about health, wealth, mech & tech – to name a few..

To kick start the blog I will do my first 30 day trial starting tomorrow August 11th.

As it is the first 30 day trial on this blog, it will be a combined “One Post a Day” and “Fat for Fuel” trial.

I will write at least one post each day where most the next 30 days will be about adapting my body to burn fat for fuel in stead of carbs.

Look for more on my fat for fuel attempt with the science and theories behind it tomorrow 🙂

27th July
written by Tellus


Thanks for surfing by.

This site will contain various topics from my point of view of experiences here on Tellus. It’s a Tellus Review by a Tellus guy sorta page 🙂

Come by again soon for more useful and useless information 🙂