13th February
written by Tellus

My last days in LA, travel up north for crazy fun and cold nights..

While I was getting my Norwegian skydiving certificate and insurance in order for 2011, I decided to just hang around in LA and get up to date on my blogging and get some work done.

On the 2nd of February my laptop was stolen from my room, while I was out across the street for ten minutes, so in stead of getting up to date I lost everything I’d done since receiving my laptop in November and photos I’d unloaded from my camera to the laptop. I was finally in a situation where I could spend some time sorting out all I’d been doing and get some backups done – but I should have had some basic backup set up from the get go in spite of less than optimal connection speeds and constantly on the run, there’s just no excuse – only thing I can say: Never again!


So after losing my computer I went on a tilt, where it felt like my world was falling apart. Two days later I had ordered a new laptop (even slightly more expensive than the one lost) and was on my way north to Lodi, in a rented Ford Mustang, for some sorely needed skydiving.

To make a long story short, I got two days of skydiving (from full hight right off the bat), with an instructor for the first three jumps.  Then I got the “Lodi Flu” (Tonsilitis?) which put me out for a week and took me even longer to fully recoup from..

After a week in bed I had to go back to LA to return my rental car.

So I still have two qualifying jumps left before my A certificate is a go!

There will be another trip to Lodi before this tour in the US is over 😉


From Lodi I drove all the way to San Diego the day before my rental return, to meet up with some potential room mates. The meeting went good and house was great, so in hopes of skipping the drive to LA I went by Avis Car Rental at the San Diego airport to check what it would cost to return the car there instead. The lady behind the counter shockingly uttered the number: $1300!! – I drove the car to LA the next morning and took the Amtrak (train) back to San Diego..



Bottom note: There are quite a few posts between this and the last one shown, but they’re still just drafts awaiting some photos etc after I lost them all when my laptop was stolen early February.

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