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21st August
written by Tellus

Close, but no cigar..

Started the day with and continued with good food choices, but at the very end I made a small blunder with the friday evening movie – I had some marzipan chocolate, although not the same bad kind as last time, but with more fat, darker chokolate and less sugar..

Think I’ll sleep fine tonight though, so not too stressed about it.

Breakfast (Got up very late today, so didn’t have much before dinner)
– Acetyl L-Carnitine mixed with water
– Coconut oil, one Tbs

– Spicy lamb curry (lamb, onion, fennikel, chili, broccoli, lemon gras, carrots – all cooked and then boiled in coconut milk with curry paste, delicious! )

– Yellow apple, one piece

– Wild salmon, cooked in coconut oil, 125 grams

– Dark chocolate with marzipan filling, 50-100 grams (100g: 465 kcal, 6.3 g protein, 55.0 g carbs, 25.0 g fat)
– Water with squeezed lemon, several glasses.

Weighing in this “morning” (got up late) at a bare 64.8 kgs, hope this trend will reverse soon or I’ll be all skin and bones by the time I start my travels in mid September :p

Not much numbers today either, but with mixed meals it gets really hard to determine how much I’m eating of each etc, I’ll try to do better and make some guesstimations in the future.

Have a good night ๐Ÿ™‚

20th August
written by Tellus

Licking my wounds..

Been feeling cravings for sugar/carbs throughout most parts of the day due to yesterday’s “binge”..

But getting back on track again and this is today’s food intake:

– Acetyl L-Carnitine mixed in water
– Beef ร‚ย Sirloin, 110 grams, cooked in coconut oil

– Beef soup w/vegetables, with lots of fat from the bone marrow cooked with it yesterday.

Rest of day
– L-Glutamin, 1 tsp
– One yellow apple
– Wild Salmon, cooked in coconut oil, 125 grams
– Coconut Milk, extra creamy, 200 ml, 380 kcal (6g protein, 6g carbs, 36g fat)

Weighing in at 65.6 kgs this morning. Not felt lethargic or low in energy in any way, but from the bad choices yesterday I can feel the craving for sugar quite intensely. Expecting tomorrow will be better in that regard. I have not made a summary of total energy today, as the soup makes that rather difficult. I guess I could make an estimate, but won’t go there, at least not today.. The cravings today can be not getting enough fat/energy in my diet as well, so I will pay close attention to getting more fat for day X – tomorrow.

19th August
written by Tellus

Two steps forth and one step back :-/

So this could have been a very good day food-wise, but I ended up consuming too much sugar (chocolate) today.

Today I consumed the following, for good and bad:

– 1 multi vitamin & 3 omega-3 tablets
– Beef sirloin, cooked in coconut oil, 140 grams

– Beef bone marrow, 150 grams
– Beef soup w/vegetables boiled with the bone marrow

Snack throughout the day, after breakfast till evening
– Ritter dark chocolate w/marzipan filling, 100-150 grams.
– 1-2 handfuls of raspberries

Morning weight of 65.5 kgs. I probably didn’t have enough for breakfast/waited too long for lunch, so during some shopping I was tempted by some ritter marzipan chocolate and gave in to the cravings. This resultet in me eating a whole 100-150 grams of it throughout the day, and in the evening I got really warm and had troubles getting to sleep. However stupid of me, it will be interesting to see how this affects me the coming days – if I’ll be going through the lethargic phase again that I felt in the beginning, if the body again has to switch back to fat burning mode, or if it will just result in a bit of cravings that I can hopefully overcome..

Time will tell, and I’ll keep telling you right here, so keep checking back for daily updates!

And give me your comments, good or bad ๐Ÿ™‚

17th August
written by Tellus

Is the worst over?

I’m still feeling better for every passing day.

I only slept 4,5 hours last night because of a webinar I didn’t want to miss, and at the same time got up “early” (11 am) to not change my sleep pattern too much and be tired enough to sleep again tonight. Still, when going for a short jog today, with only a tablespoon of coconut oil and a glass with Acetyl L-Carnitine, I was way more energetic than when I tried jogging last week. Really haven’t felt lethargic at all today ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s menu

– Acetyl L-Carnitine w/water
– Coconut oil, ~40 grams, 340 kcal

Lunch (after the workout)
– Beef tongue, boiled, 250 grams, ~750 kcal

– Coconut milk, canned, 400 ml, ร‚ย 716 kcal (8.8 grams protein, 16 grams carbohydrates, 68 grams fat)

– Liver, cooked, 170 grams, 300 kcal
– Onion, cooked with the liver
– Boiled broccoli and carrots

From brunch and throughout the day I probably consumed 2-3 handfuls of blueberries as well.

So adding the major energy contributors of ร‚ย the day: 340 + 750 + 716 + 300 = 2106 kcal. Together with the rest that should place me somewhere 2100 – 2300 kcal for the day, which I think is pretty good for today’s activities.

Check back again tomorrow for a layout of the menu an some more numbers to the mix ๐Ÿ˜€

16th August
written by Tellus

“I’ve got admit it’s getting better..” (Beatles)

Ok, I’m not sure if the body has started adapting a little bit by now, or if it’s just that I’ve increased the intake compared to some of the other days and that I’m having some fruit as well, but today is better than yesterday. And yesterday was leaps and bounds better than the prior four days, so this is good ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s food intake has been like this:

– Sirloin Beef w/onion, all cooked in coconut oil, 80-100 grams, ~180kcal

– Acetyl L-Carnitine mixed in water
– Coconut oil, one tablespoon, ~40 grams, 340 kcal
– L-Glutamine

Dinner (at my grandfather’s party)
– Beef tongue, boiled, ~400 grams, 1136 kcal
– Honeydew Melon, 3 slices, 20 kcal
– Nectarine, One whole, 60 kcal

I kinda felt like having something for supper, but never got around to it, just drinking water for the rest of the evening..

So to add up the energy intake for the day: 180 + 340 + 1136 + 20 + 60 = 1736 kcal

With approximately 1600 – 1900 kcal today I’m below the 2500 kcal I think is my daily requirement. Today wasn’t an overly strenuous day, but I did play (low intensity) beach volleyball for 2-3 hours, which was sort of draining in the heat and then had a short swim afterwards. I did feel a bit dizzy after the swim, but that might have been caused by water in the ear or the diving and back-swimming I did. In either case it went by fairly quickly.

For tomorrow ร‚ย I’ll aim to get 2500 kcal, if I’ll have to get it all from coconut oil.

On a side note, I’m note quite satisfied with how non-conformed these posts are, so I will soon go over them and get it all to a standard listing for each day. I might also get a bit more detailed eventually, but right now I’m in the middle of downsizing my life and preparing for a one year journey, so please bear with me..

This attempt and the documentation of it has been far from perfect, but this diet is something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time and just had to get going. So today I’ll leave you with this phrase for achieving and getting things done: Aim for good, then aim for better!
(More about the man behind those words in a coming post)

15th August
written by Tellus

Fat you say?

Today has been a setback.

For breakfast I had:
– One apple
– Two brazilian sheep sausages (No milk or gluten)

– Another pink apple (pre dinner)
– Coconut oil, one heaped tablespoon.
– Cooked liver (150-200 grams) with some paprika spice.
– Sugar peas (1-2 cups)

And then a yellow apple on the drive home.

Back home I had half a ripe mango..

Not had the same lethargic feeling today, but then again I’ve had way too much fruit and protein, with little fat except for the tablespoon of coconut oil.

Back at home I need to get a grip on this poor attempt of going fat. With access again to my Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-glutamine, as well as feeling more free to make the food I want when I want, I have hopes to get on track again. There is a party for my grandfather turning 80 tomorrow though, so will be plenty of temptations and tiresome nagging to get me to eat all the crap they call food here in Norway. Really looking forward to middle of September when I will leave the country for almost a year, with destinations like Spain, Hawaii and Brazil pinned in already.

Weight this evening: ร‚ย  67.1 kgs

I might have attacked this new diet a bit wrongly, so might focus more on no fruits from now on and not be so focused on how much proteins I get. Then gradually decrease the protein and increase fat intake.

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.

14th August
written by Tellus

This update will be rather short..

Today’s food intake in order of eating:
– an apple
– A bowl of meat soup, last of the batch
– One heaped tablespoon of coconut oil
– Two brazilian sheep sausaged, with a little bit of paprika, onion, sugar peas and salad on the side.
– Two bone marrow pieced, but very limited accessible fat content on them
– Two more brazilian sheep sausages.

Was extremely tired in the beginning of the day, but then again I didn’t sleep a whole lot either, so it’s probably the combination. I still find that I fall asleep much easier though on this diet than on a carbful/sugary diet. Around 1 pm I slept for about 30-60 minutes on the sofa. Upon wakening I had the tablespoon of coconut oil and felt better ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll have to find a better source of bone marrow, as the ones I’ve had this weekend didn’t really taste as good as earlier this week.

Really hoping the fat for fuel will kick in soon, as It’s really hard walking around like a zombie.. Tomorrow evening I’ll be home again and can try with some more Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-glutamine ๐Ÿ™‚

13th August
written by Tellus

Tired is the word!

Ok, so for breakfast today I had about 150 grams of beef with a small onion, all cooked in coconut oil.

Then a long (5 hour) drive to my brother’s house to see his family and see how much my nephew has grown ๐Ÿ™‚

Got really tired during the drive and felt really lethargic.

When arriving I cooked 4 pieces of bone marrow. Didn’t help much with the energy.. Then about an hour or so later I had some more reheated meat soup, just a small bowl though.. Still feeling tired when we were going for a walk later to see the building site of his new house, I had an apple on the go, which I felt upset my stomach somewhat, but that passed.. The brisk walk to the building site was strenuous and I am sure that is mostly because of my shift in diet – although I only slept about 6 hours last night – and I’m really hoping my body will make a switch to fat for fuel soon.

On the other hand I keep putting something “sugary” in my mouth every day, like the apples today, so my shift will probably take longer because of that. I also left my Acetyl L-Carnitine at home, so none of that till sunday evening at the earliest.

The rest of the evening I had about 150 grams of liver and another apple.

– Very lethargic
– Tired again tonight (23:35 as of writing this)
– Easily fallen asleep the last two nights, which is the best positive so far – as I usually have a hard time falling asleep, specially if I’ve had too much sugar during the day I will be wired and can lay in bed hours on end without finding peace..
– Felt some itching/eczema in my scalp again today, probably because of too much fruits yesterday (seems like carbs/sugar has had this affect on my scalp for the last year or so :-/ ).

Think the tired feeling today is a combination of my body not having made the switch to fat for fuel fully yet, as well as maybe not getting enough calories today.

Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities, good night ๐Ÿ™‚

12th August
written by Tellus

Day two and I already feel I’m astray..

I haven’t had the same tired feeling today as I had yesterday, but then again I’ve had quite a bit of fruit during the day :-/

So to sum up today’s food intake:
– a portion of meat soup from yesterday’s dinner (Breakfast)
– Coconut snack, probably up to 100 grams between breakfast and dinner~350 kcal
– One apple (pre dinner)
– three bone marrow pieces boiled (approx 80 grams of fat?)
– Canned sardines (80 grams; 145 kcal, 12.8g protein, 0 carbs, 10.4g fat)
– A mango (135 kcal), half kiwi, some slices of papaya and a slice of watermelon. (birthday party)
– Beef cooked, 100 grams (Supper)

This is above the 40-50 grams of daily protein requirement and too much of today’s energy coming from carbs.. The total energy intake is probably somewhat on the low side today..

Not quite as thirsty throughout the day as yesterday, but still don’t feel fully hydrated.
I found I really liked boiling and having bone marrow as a mono meal, so I will try to increase my amount and frequency of that for the rest of this trial.
Body weight this morning was at redicilously low 65.9 kgs.

Going on a trip for the weekend, so will be difficult to improve on my diet, but I hope to somewhat improve still..

11th August
written by Tellus

Ok, so I’ve finally started my 30 day trial of a high fat diet.

Adapting to this diet is two-fold; changing the diet and the body changing to burn fat for fuel in stead of carbs.

I started my day with breakfast around 12:30 – 13:00 after being awake for little over an hour.

This experiment will not be very scientific in the amounts of food I eat, as I’m not familiar with counting calories etc. I will however tell you what I eat during the day, sometimes with photos, but to start off I will go into a little detail on my breakfast to get a feel of how much energy I’m getting.

As opposed to usual, I decided to split my beef in two this morning, only eating 90 grams:
– 5-6 raspberries
– a teaspoon coconut oil
– a glass with Acetyl L-carnitine mixed in – to help my mitocondries burn the fat for fuel
– Beef, round inside, 90 grams cooked in coconut oil
– big tbs of coconut oil (~40 g)

Coconut oil is very high in energy, and per 100 grams yields about 900 kcal, zero proteins, <0.1 gram carbohydrates and >99.9 grams fat.

Adding it all up gives my a breakfast total of:
Energy: 5 + 50 + 94,5 + 400 = 550 kcal
Protein: 0 + 0 + 20.25 + 0 = 20.25 grams
Carbs: 1 + 0 + 0 + 0.05 = 1.05 grams
Fat: 0 + 5 + 1.53 + 40 = 46.5 grams.

So the energy amount I think is ok for a breakfast, giving me 1/5 – 1/4 of my daily requirement. Notice that most of my energy is coming from the coconut oil so far..

About an hour later I went for a short run, and felt really tired/empty of energy. Especially in the beginning and it got somewhat better towards the end when I’d had some motion. It was only about a 15 minute run.

Around 4 pm I had a tsp of L-glutamin to ร‚ย reduce any sugar cravings and to ease with the transition.

For dinner I had about 40 gram of boiled bone marrow followed with meat soup (beef, broccoli, celery, carrots and kahl).

Late supper was some heated soup leftovers from dinner.

I have quite a few photos on my cell, so will upload that tomorrow and edit this post. Now is getting close to bedtime..


Had a tired period after breakfast where energy was really low. The run helped somewhat with that.
Been feeling thirsty all day, and probably haven’t had enough water – will need to pay closer attention to that tomorrow.
I think today’s total protein intake is still too high, and I need to find more sources of fat.
Body weight this morning was 67,6 kgs.

More science behind this trial and target intake to come in following posts..