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12th August
written by Tellus

Day two and I already feel I’m astray..

I haven’t had the same tired feeling today as I had yesterday, but then again I’ve had quite a bit of fruit during the day :-/

So to sum up today’s food intake:
– a portion of meat soup from yesterday’s dinner (Breakfast)
– Coconut snack, probably up to 100 grams between breakfast and dinner~350 kcal
– One apple (pre dinner)
– three bone marrow pieces boiled (approx 80 grams of fat?)
– Canned sardines (80 grams; 145 kcal, 12.8g protein, 0 carbs, 10.4g fat)
– A mango (135 kcal), half kiwi, some slices of papaya and a slice of watermelon. (birthday party)
– Beef cooked, 100 grams (Supper)

This is above the 40-50 grams of daily protein requirement and too much of today’s energy coming from carbs.. The total energy intake is probably somewhat on the low side today..

Not quite as thirsty throughout the day as yesterday, but still don’t feel fully hydrated.
I found I really liked boiling and having bone marrow as a mono meal, so I will try to increase my amount and frequency of that for the rest of this trial.
Body weight this morning was at redicilously low 65.9 kgs.

Going on a trip for the weekend, so will be difficult to improve on my diet, but I hope to somewhat improve still..