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13th August
written by Tellus

Tired is the word!

Ok, so for breakfast today I had about 150 grams of beef with a small onion, all cooked in coconut oil.

Then a long (5 hour) drive to my brother’s house to see his family and see how much my nephew has grown 🙂

Got really tired during the drive and felt really lethargic.

When arriving I cooked 4 pieces of bone marrow. Didn’t help much with the energy.. Then about an hour or so later I had some more reheated meat soup, just a small bowl though.. Still feeling tired when we were going for a walk later to see the building site of his new house, I had an apple on the go, which I felt upset my stomach somewhat, but that passed.. The brisk walk to the building site was strenuous and I am sure that is mostly because of my shift in diet – although I only slept about 6 hours last night – and I’m really hoping my body will make a switch to fat for fuel soon.

On the other hand I keep putting something “sugary” in my mouth every day, like the apples today, so my shift will probably take longer because of that. I also left my Acetyl L-Carnitine at home, so none of that till sunday evening at the earliest.

The rest of the evening I had about 150 grams of liver and another apple.

– Very lethargic
– Tired again tonight (23:35 as of writing this)
– Easily fallen asleep the last two nights, which is the best positive so far – as I usually have a hard time falling asleep, specially if I’ve had too much sugar during the day I will be wired and can lay in bed hours on end without finding peace..
– Felt some itching/eczema in my scalp again today, probably because of too much fruits yesterday (seems like carbs/sugar has had this affect on my scalp for the last year or so :-/ ).

Think the tired feeling today is a combination of my body not having made the switch to fat for fuel fully yet, as well as maybe not getting enough calories today.

Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities, good night 🙂