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15th August
written by Tellus

Fat you say?

Today has been a setback.

For breakfast I had:
– One apple
– Two brazilian sheep sausages (No milk or gluten)

– Another pink apple (pre dinner)
– Coconut oil, one heaped tablespoon.
– Cooked liver (150-200 grams) with some paprika spice.
– Sugar peas (1-2 cups)

And then a yellow apple on the drive home.

Back home I had half a ripe mango..

Not had the same lethargic feeling today, but then again I’ve had way too much fruit and protein, with little fat except for the tablespoon of coconut oil.

Back at home I need to get a grip on this poor attempt of going fat. With access again to my Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-glutamine, as well as feeling more free to make the food I want when I want, I have hopes to get on track again. There is a party for my grandfather turning 80 tomorrow though, so will be plenty of temptations and tiresome nagging to get me to eat all the crap they call food here in Norway. Really looking forward to middle of September when I will leave the country for almost a year, with destinations like Spain, Hawaii and Brazil pinned in already.

Weight this evening:   67.1 kgs

I might have attacked this new diet a bit wrongly, so might focus more on no fruits from now on and not be so focused on how much proteins I get. Then gradually decrease the protein and increase fat intake.

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.