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16th August
written by Tellus

“I’ve got admit it’s getting better..” (Beatles)

Ok, I’m not sure if the body has started adapting a little bit by now, or if it’s just that I’ve increased the intake compared to some of the other days and that I’m having some fruit as well, but today is better than yesterday. And yesterday was leaps and bounds better than the prior four days, so this is good 🙂

Today’s food intake has been like this:

– Sirloin Beef w/onion, all cooked in coconut oil, 80-100 grams, ~180kcal

– Acetyl L-Carnitine mixed in water
– Coconut oil, one tablespoon, ~40 grams, 340 kcal
– L-Glutamine

Dinner (at my grandfather’s party)
– Beef tongue, boiled, ~400 grams, 1136 kcal
– Honeydew Melon, 3 slices, 20 kcal
– Nectarine, One whole, 60 kcal

I kinda felt like having something for supper, but never got around to it, just drinking water for the rest of the evening..

So to add up the energy intake for the day: 180 + 340 + 1136 + 20 + 60 = 1736 kcal

With approximately 1600 – 1900 kcal today I’m below the 2500 kcal I think is my daily requirement. Today wasn’t an overly strenuous day, but I did play (low intensity) beach volleyball for 2-3 hours, which was sort of draining in the heat and then had a short swim afterwards. I did feel a bit dizzy after the swim, but that might have been caused by water in the ear or the diving and back-swimming I did. In either case it went by fairly quickly.

For tomorrow  I’ll aim to get 2500 kcal, if I’ll have to get it all from coconut oil.

On a side note, I’m note quite satisfied with how non-conformed these posts are, so I will soon go over them and get it all to a standard listing for each day. I might also get a bit more detailed eventually, but right now I’m in the middle of downsizing my life and preparing for a one year journey, so please bear with me..

This attempt and the documentation of it has been far from perfect, but this diet is something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time and just had to get going. So today I’ll leave you with this phrase for achieving and getting things done: Aim for good, then aim for better!
(More about the man behind those words in a coming post)