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19th August
written by Tellus

Two steps forth and one step back :-/

So this could have been a very good day food-wise, but I ended up consuming too much sugar (chocolate) today.

Today I consumed the following, for good and bad:

– 1 multi vitamin & 3 omega-3 tablets
– Beef sirloin, cooked in coconut oil, 140 grams

– Beef bone marrow, 150 grams
– Beef soup w/vegetables boiled with the bone marrow

Snack throughout the day, after breakfast till evening
– Ritter dark chocolate w/marzipan filling, 100-150 grams.
– 1-2 handfuls of raspberries

Morning weight of 65.5 kgs. I probably didn’t have enough for breakfast/waited too long for lunch, so during some shopping I was tempted by some ritter marzipan chocolate and gave in to the cravings. This resultet in me eating a whole 100-150 grams of it throughout the day, and in the evening I got really warm and had troubles getting to sleep. However stupid of me, it will be interesting to see how this affects me the coming days – if I’ll be going through the lethargic phase again that I felt in the beginning, if the body again has to switch back to fat burning mode, or if it will just result in a bit of cravings that I can hopefully overcome..

Time will tell, and I’ll keep telling you right here, so keep checking back for daily updates!

And give me your comments, good or bad 🙂