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20th August
written by Tellus

Licking my wounds..

Been feeling cravings for sugar/carbs throughout most parts of the day due to yesterday’s “binge”..

But getting back on track again and this is today’s food intake:

– Acetyl L-Carnitine mixed in water
– Beef  Sirloin, 110 grams, cooked in coconut oil

– Beef soup w/vegetables, with lots of fat from the bone marrow cooked with it yesterday.

Rest of day
– L-Glutamin, 1 tsp
– One yellow apple
– Wild Salmon, cooked in coconut oil, 125 grams
– Coconut Milk, extra creamy, 200 ml, 380 kcal (6g protein, 6g carbs, 36g fat)

Weighing in at 65.6 kgs this morning. Not felt lethargic or low in energy in any way, but from the bad choices yesterday I can feel the craving for sugar quite intensely. Expecting tomorrow will be better in that regard. I have not made a summary of total energy today, as the soup makes that rather difficult. I guess I could make an estimate, but won’t go there, at least not today.. The cravings today can be not getting enough fat/energy in my diet as well, so I will pay close attention to getting more fat for day X – tomorrow.