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21st August
written by Tellus

Close, but no cigar..

Started the day with and continued with good food choices, but at the very end I made a small blunder with the friday evening movie – I had some marzipan chocolate, although not the same bad kind as last time, but with more fat, darker chokolate and less sugar..

Think I’ll sleep fine tonight though, so not too stressed about it.

Breakfast (Got up very late today, so didn’t have much before dinner)
– Acetyl L-Carnitine mixed with water
– Coconut oil, one Tbs

– Spicy lamb curry (lamb, onion, fennikel, chili, broccoli, lemon gras, carrots – all cooked and then boiled in coconut milk with curry paste, delicious! )

– Yellow apple, one piece

– Wild salmon, cooked in coconut oil, 125 grams

– Dark chocolate with marzipan filling, 50-100 grams (100g: 465 kcal, 6.3 g protein, 55.0 g carbs, 25.0 g fat)
– Water with squeezed lemon, several glasses.

Weighing in this “morning” (got up late) at a bare 64.8 kgs, hope this trend will reverse soon or I’ll be all skin and bones by the time I start my travels in mid September :p

Not much numbers today either, but with mixed meals it gets really hard to determine how much I’m eating of each etc, I’ll try to do better and make some guesstimations in the future.

Have a good night 🙂