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3rd September
written by Tellus

Hard time waking up..

I’ve had a hard time getting up in the mornings, and when I finally get out of bed I feel really tired for maybe 15-30 minutes till I’ve gotten some light exercise done to get my heart pumpin’..

Oh well, not sure what to contribute it to, I think I’m still somewhere in the middle between fat burner and carb burner – not being sure if that has anything to do with it.. :-/

The most positive I’ve noticed the last 20+ days is that I fall asleep way easier now, not having to lay around for hours on end feeling restless and annoyed I can’t fall asleep. I also feel like my mind is starting to function again and memory improving. Not sure if it’s just imagined or not so far, but it’s the first time in a long while I’ve felt this positive about regaining more of my mental health 🙂

I do have some odd feelings of tiredness at various times during the day though, but it vanishes as quickly as it “appears”, so not a big problem, but makes me curious what it is and if maybe I should try with some bi-phase sleeping – from what I’ve read that’s what our biology is most adapt to.. Go figure 🙂 It will be a 30-day trial at some point. I have also considered polyphasic sleeping, like Leonardo sleeping 20 minutes every 4th hour – but for social reasons I think that might be a far stretch – society just isn’t ready for that sort of thing 😉 But bi-phasic I could do, and will try at some point this year or the next.

Well, back to my diet notes:

– Sauerkraut (LOVING it!)
– Wild salmon, 125 g
– L-glutamine, 2 scoops

– Sauerkraut, small bowl before the soup
– Beef & vegetable soup, 2 bowls
– L-glutamine, 2 scoops

– Coco tops, 50 g (coconut flakes and egg whites heated and shaped into tops, not quite successful without sugar which usually does much of the binding..)

– Spicy lamb curry
– L-glutamine, 2 scoops

– Sauerkraut (Strange but great!)

Got news from my skydiving club today that the student field is now open again, so tomorrow evening or very early Saturday I’ll be driving back there (3+ hour drive) for some free falling 🙂 Have already arranged to sleep on a friend’s couch there for the weekend, so it’s all set 🙂 This is one of the friends I’m going sailing with in January from the Virgin Islands, so this’ll also give us the opportunity to discuss the trip there and our one week travels in LA/Vegas 🙂 ..And of course hit up some Fifa on the Xbox..

Good times ahead this weekend, and next weekend I’m leaving for two weeks in Spain, should be good too – just gotta start working on that tan a little so I don’t burst into flames the first day there.

Dream of blue skies!