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22nd August
written by Tellus

Walk of shame and new day’s resolutions..

Let’s start with today’s food intake.

– Acetyl L-Carnitine mixed in a glass of water
–  Coconut oil, one heaped tablespoon

– Beef sirloin, 135 g, cooked in coconut oil
– Yellow apple, one piece

– Wild salmon, 125 g, cooked w/onion in coconut oil
– Broccoli & carrots, boiled

Moviesnack (The Karate Kid)
–  Marzipan chocolate, 150 grams.

– Beef soup w/vegetables, 1-2 bowls, reheated left-overs.

Ok, this is just stupid. Without going through the numbers I’m pretty sure I didn’t give myself enough calories throughout the day and this in conjunction with including sugar/snacks recently I ended up giving into temptation for marzipan chocolate again today (it’s so good!). So that’s the walk of shame, I gave in again, what’s happened to my discipline the last few days?

And here is my new day’s resolution: I will not eat any sugary candy or piece of fruit for the remainder of this 30 day fat for fuel trial. some berries are ok, but that’s it.

As it is written, so let it be done.

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