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27th August
written by Tellus

Breaking a promise..

Having a little bit of alcohol today, because of likely my last day in Bergen for a longe time, but keeping it on the very low and low..

Will be interesting to see if it’s easier to drink just a little than usual, which I’ve read others reporting after staying on a high fat diet for some time..

Today’s meals:

–  Beef and vegetable soup, double portion of yesterday

– Coconut oil, one tablespoon, ~30 g

- Vegetable wok with coconut milk and green curry paste, probably about 400 kcal

Then some alcohol, will report the total for that later 🙂

Update: Only 100 ml Choya (15%) at the vorspiel and ended up skipping the city life as everyone was determined to go to a place on the opposite side of town, which I always find really boring, so just went back to the apartment to chill out and get an early sleep in stead 😮

So much for a final night on the town in Bergen before my travels. I might return next weekend if there’s a chance of skydiving, but probably not, and if so it’ll be all about skydiving and no partying, me thinks..

Good night world!

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