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4th September
written by Tellus

Ain’t got no net..

Arriving late last night at a friend’s newly rentet appartment I had no internet connection and couldn’t get the daily 30-day trial post online.

So here it comes, late but .. good?

– Sauerkraut, a small bowl
– Beef & vegetable soup, 2-3 bowls
– Coco tops, 40 grams
– Acetyl L-carnitine in water w/ 4 omega-3 capsules

– Vegetable wok 500 g+ 500 ml coconut milk: 1100 kcal, 20 g protein, 92 g carbs, 94 g fat

The dinner was too much and got my stomach complaining – and kept me fed for the rest of the evening.

Also tired early around 10-11 pm and got to bed about 12 am. Got up a little before 7 am, not fully rested, but not a big problem getting up..

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