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6th September
written by Tellus

Birthday dinner is always good!

Being my birthday today I decided on dried mutton ribs for dinner 😀

Combined with beach volleyball, some guests later and then movie time it’s been a great day!

– Plums, 2 small
– Wild Salmon, 125 grams
– Acetyl L-Carnitine in water w/ 3 multi vitamins and 4 omega-3 capsules
– L-glutamine, 2 scoops

– Dried mutton ribs
– Mashed swedes
– Acetyl L-carnitine in water
– L-glutamine, 2 scoops

– Beef & vegetable soup, 2 bowls

– Some potato chips and a few pieces of candy

I don’t see why I keep getting a surge for sugars, but guess give in a little give in a lot  :-/

Need to make sure I keep a higher fat/energy dosage throughout the day so I don’t get these stupid cravings and give in to them..

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