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9th September
written by Tellus

The day of reckoning..

Ok, so the final day of my Fat for fuel 30-day trial. Let’s first get today’s meals out of the way.

– Acetyl L-carnitine with water
– Beef & vegetable soup, 2 bowls

– Vegetable wok 500 g+ 500 ml coconut milk: 1100 kcal, 20 g protein, 92 g carbs, 94 g fat

– Mackerell, cooked
– Broccoli, steamed

– Beef, cooked, 180 grams
– Onions, cooked with the beef in coconut oil

Movie Snack
– Some handfuls of potato chips and a bite of very dark chocolate.

So that’s the last day of my first 30-day trial on

Tomorrow I’ll come with some concluding thoughts, but right now it’s time to hit the sack 🙂

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