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22nd December
written by Tellus

November 8th, the day was finally here.

After an early morning in Bergen w/smooth domestic flyin’ things had to go downward from there.

Waiting for my Frankfurt flight to board I checked my e-mail on the cell for the last time ’till I’d be at the hostel in LA.

“Supersaver suck!”

My travel agency for the wednesday LAX to Hawaii flight had sent me an e-mail during my first domestic flight this morning:
“…not getting a hold of you on phone, your ticket purchase has been canceled due to technical problems issuing the ticket”.
Ehm, I was on a plane you goons! Can they really just cancel tickets I’ve paid and received the e-tickets for?!
After another 20 minutes trying to get through on phone support I had to hang up for another flight take-off..

The flight to Frankfurt was good and quick, me not remembering how I disliked the airport from my 2008 departure..
First the bus shuttle to the terminal is almost as long as the flight there, then after a brisk walk to my departure terminal I’m met by a new passport & security check-point.
I’m “randomly” picked for a security check which almost make me feel like Lumen in dexter Season 4.
That guard’s either overly paranoid or he just really liked me :-s
Either way, it’s what I call “too close for comfort”.
Finally at my gate I’m met by a new general boarding, requiring my destination address after a series of hysterical paranoia-questions.
Through the gate and down some stairs – I’m greated by another bus – goodbye Frankfurt!

Arriving at LAX I had pre-booked a two night hostel stay with H.I. LA/Santa Monica, but hadn’t really thought much through how to get there, since their direction description on hostelworld made it sound like it was easy to find a bus that would take me close to the hostel. After getting my bag, looking and asking around for the buses, I finally decided to go for one of the shuttle buses. “$15 please”, but that also brought me on the doorstep of the hostel with my oversized backpack – some downsizing will happen throughout my trip for sure – but at the same time I’ll be adding on a notebook and probably lots of “junk” I pick up along the way. After checking in, getting a key lock for the locker and walking ’round the nearby shops like a zombie I finally hit bed. Checking for new tickets the next day (tuesday) showed the ticket price had skyrocketed for the wednesday flights, so I figured I would just have to wait and see if they dropped right before departure (like the tuesday tickets already had) or possibly try stand by – not knowing if that was even a posibility.

Walking around the Santa Monica area can be interesting, but not overly exciting in any way. As we don’t have Carl’s Jr. in Norway, and me falling in love with their lettuce wrap superstar during last summer’s U.S West Coast Road trip, I had to track down their nearest burger joint for some of the good stuff!

And of course I had to take a stroll on the Santa Monica pier

Still suffering from jet lag and spending quite a bit of ime with ticket research thanks to, there’s not much more to report on for tuesday.

Being a bit diet damaged I of course also searched out and visited the WholeFoodsMarket and accidentally found the Co-operative store which was also pretty good.
Also managed to drop by a T-Mobile store for a pay-as-you-go phone plan.

In the evening I hooked up with some Australians in my dorm and ended up sharing a shuttle with them to the airport early (7 am)  next morning.
The tickets hadn’t dropped in price when I got up at around 5 am wednesday morning – Hawaiian airlines were fully booked :-/
So I went to the airport hoping to be set up for a stand-by ticket, but turned out they didn’t do that anymore, so I took the bus to Continental’s terminal, and after a long talk with a helpful woman at the counter there I was set up with a return ticket to Honolulu, and a one way ticket to the Big Island. The return from Honolulu had to be before the 15th December or after 11th of January though if I didn’t want to end up with extreme price first class tickets. She told me however that the return date could possibly be changed by calling closer to departure and paying a $150 fee – more about that at a later time.

Finally I had my ticket and was checked in all the way to Hilo on The Big Island!

Check back for next post about my first impressions of the Big Island, and then my one month review of my initial eco-rental there 😀
(This is posted about 1+ month late due to not having a computer on arrival and poor internet access in the Pahoa Jungle 😉 ).

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  1. KenD00g

    Kuli, bra update!
    Venter spent på neste.
    God Jul,
    ja, hvordan er julefeiringen der borte?

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