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8th April
written by Tellus

Last week, 70% of the AFLW gaming group hoped to get an additional 5% on board to ratify the collective bargaining agreement that the players` union has been working on for six months. Unfortunately, this has not been the case and there is still no date for the start of the pre-season. The AFLW players have agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that covers the next three seasons. The NAB AFL Women`s Collective agreement was approved by 98 percent of the gaming group after the initial contract was recusaled in early October. The AFLPA asked 75 percent of the players to check the CBA, and after some renegotiations, the players supported the agreement. NEGOTIATIONS for the AFLW players` collective bargaining agreement will be delayed after the lack of support for the AFL`s latest offer The compromise means that competition remains well below the goal of a full schedule until the end of the agreement. The new contract also includes higher annual salaries for players, a longer pre-season period and more development time, standard two-year gaming contracts, increased player development funding and an independent review of the AFLW. AFLW players voted in favor of a new compromise on a collective bargaining agreement that ends a protracted stalemate and secures the league`s future for the next three years. The new agreement provides that players will have more security, that they will have at least four months regarding the start date of the season and an additional weekly allowance for Grand Final teams and many other new elements. I supported this current CBA and therefore 70% of the players in our big league.

I hope we can get a SOON resolution so that we can all focus on what we like, and that`s PLAY FOOTY!!! #AFLW @aflwomens @AFLPlayers The competition is currently in a second phase of expansion, with the Gold Coast, Richmond, St Kilda and West Coast in addition to the 2020 season. Collingwood Chloe Molloy in action in September of this year. Credit:Getty . No wonder cricket is ahead of other professional women`s sports in Australia. A good season, decent salaries and conditions and a growing respect for the public have all contributed to The advance of Cricket, which now feeds by attracting the most talented young multi-athletes. Cricket has decades of incremental growth on its side, but it sets a standard for women`s sport that the AFL cannot meet as long as it offers talented women a professional alternative. “This is a great result for women`s and women`s football across the country,” Livingstone said in a statement. As the playing group has grown from 240 to 420 (after the next draft), some players are seeking greater representation on the AFLPA board of directors.

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