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9th April
written by Tellus

In a paternity case, you are entitled to a free, court-appointed lawyer if you are low-income. But the lawyer is appointed only to help with fatherhood. They do not represent you for the custody, education or custody parts of the case. We receive many requests regarding the rights of single parents and, in particular, whether unmarried fathers are parents. Once paternity is established definitively, the single father has all the rights over his child as a married father. This is generally not a problem for unmarried couples living together; However, for those who do not live together, the father must file a petition with the court to justify his paternity rights. If you and the other parent themselves agree to an education plan, you do not have to receive a custody order. However, experts still recommend getting them. Even if you are on the right track with the other parent, you should turn your plan into a court order to protect yourself and your child in law. Physical care Physical care means living with the child and making daily decisions about the child`s care. Exclusive physical custody means that the child lives primarily (mainly) with a parent. Common physical custody means that the child lives with both parents and divides time between his parents.

Common physical custody does not mean that the parents have the same time with the child. The schedule is not necessarily the same for physical custody to be common. The time of education controls the time the child spends with each parent. Note: Your child cannot testify at trial. Be very careful about how you talk to your child about the legal process. It is very damaging for children to be caught in the middle of their parents` struggles. In some cases, a court-chosen professional meets with your child to talk about their wishes. If, voluntarily or unintentionally, you find yourself as an ignorant father, there are certain things you need to know and do as you prepare to play your role.

In many cases, the parents are engaged but unmarried. In other circumstances, children grow up without a father living in their home. In both situations, ignorant fathers may not know enough about the legal rights they have with their child. In addition to basic child care, parents are responsible for part of their child`s medical and dental expenses. This amount is determined by their income. Medical assistance is ordered by the court to pay the child`s health and dental insurance premiums. It also includes the co-paying medical practice or other medical or dental expenses not covered by the insurance. The paternity order should also decide custody, the period of education, custody of the children and the legal name of the child. If the parents are not married, they have the same parental rights and obligations as married parents.

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