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10th April
written by Tellus

The answers to the above points depend on the type of customers you have and your trading position. You must ensure that all IP clauses in your contract are commercially appropriate so that potential customers do not hesitate to accept your proposal. Customer property. The client owns and retains all rights, titles and interests, including all intellectual property rights, and (a) the client`s content; and (b) all data and reports provided by the company to the customer based on an analysis of the customer`s content, subject to the company`s underlying rights to the service. There are various safeguards for IP creators under the legislation, including: Today I checked documents for the registration of a contract with an OH provider. One thing that many people forget in the terms (you`re and that`s) contract is a bit about intellectual property. But this is important, especially in large companies with research and development departments, or where there are new ideas and new inventions. Everyone has to protect their products. One of the earliest English cases reported to this clause is the case of Dyer. 20 In this case, a practitioner entered into a non-competition contract with his apprentice on his debt if he did not practice in the same city six months after the end of his apprenticeship. The Court struck down the clause because it was contrary to public policy.

In the last case of Mitchel v. Reynolds, 21 the Court of Justice held that involuntary restrictive contractual agreements to restrict trade are null and forth, while voluntary agreements, provided they are specific and based on the interests of the employer or former contractor, are protected from the adequacy, scope, time and place of the federal state. In PepsiCo Inc. 22 these clauses were applied to prevent an employee from cooperating with a competitor. The court ruled in favour of PepsiCo because, because of Quaker and Redmond`s position on sensitive marketing and distribution strategies, Redmond would inevitably have disclosed PepsiCo`s trade secrets and confidential information because of its leadership position within PepsiCo, if it was immediately allowed to accept the job offer.

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