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12th April
written by Tellus

STATE OF FLORIDA RESERVATION PORTAL: The vehicle lease (78111808-15-1) with Enterprise and National Services, LLC expires on September 29, 2020. Please note when switching to Notice: Renter with active business rental that goes beyond Tuesday, September 29, 2020: If the tenant does not have a SunPass transponder and the tenant travels through a toll without payment in cash, the tenant will be automatically charged for the use of the e-toll Avis/Budget service. The actual fees for all tolls, plus an electronic toll of $3.95, are charged to the tenant per day of toll. The convenience tax will not exceed $19.75 for the entire rental period. Tolls and convenience fees are charged within two to eight weeks of the vehicle being returned to the corresponding rent payment method. Please note that in accordance with Section 287.056, Florida Statutes, public authorities are required to purchase contract goods and services from contractual contracts obtained by the Department of Management Services. If you have any questions or need help, please contact the contract manager on the contract website. The tenant is never highly recommended to use a SunPass transponder. Tenants must enter the rental vehicle license plate on the SunPass account at the time of pickup and remove the license plate from the account when the vehicle is returned. The service must use the AVIS assistant number for all visitors so that the state`s contract rate can be accessed. AVIS will only allow the national tariff for vehicles leased to a non-UF employee if this directive is complied with. This contract provides rental vehicles for domestic and foreign travel; Daily, weekly and monthly fares are available for 12 vehicle categories, including different passenger car sizes, sport utility vehicles, vans and vans, as well as a standard hybrid.

Contract rates include troubleshooting services, unlimited mileage (excluding one-way government rentals) and liability and collision/loss damages (excluding leisure rentals). In the “User Reference for Leased Vehicles” section, customers should read the above information for booking, pickup and return procedures, as well as additional information on contractual requirements and customer authorization.

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