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16th September
written by Tellus

In the meantime, issues like children who have more freedom in a home, like joys children do, become a greater educational marriage about the safety and well-being of the child. For some families, it is a problem to bring them to justice. In response to the increase in custody issues, states like Wisconsin have issued guidelines for parents with shared custody, and the Texas Supreme Court has issued a national order that has ordered parents to adhere to their court schedules during the pandemic. Divorced or separated parents may face unique challenges as they attempt to meet their custody arrangements during the COVID pandemic. While it`s best to maintain the same routine you had before the pandemic, social distancing issues and concerns for your children`s health can make this difficult. Debra Reicher, PhD, child and youth psychologist and MariaHensley-Spera LCSW-R, a clinical social worker, both from Stony Brook Medicine, explain what you can do to make navigating these unfamiliar waters less stressful and productive while preserving peace. Some states offer mediation services to parents who have difficulty agreeing on temporary changes. Some courts give parties more time to file court documents or cancel hearings. In general, however, family courts already have systems in place to account for temporary disruptions, disagreements between parents, and potential risks. Kansas City, mo parents need to know some good practices when it comes to managing childcare arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, the guiding principle for divorced or outgoing worlds during this period should be to make their decisions in the best interests of their children. Even if you have legitimate doubts, you can be held in contempt of court if you do not comply with a joint physical custody agreement or arrangement or a joint physical custody agreement.

If you think your current agreement needs to be changed, be proactive. In such a case, you may be can get an emergency detention order from a judge.

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