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23rd September
written by Tellus

In both Poland and the Czech Republic, the lease can only be registered with the agreement of the owner of the property, whose signature must be officially verified. The best time to open this topic with the landlord is therefore during rental negotiations. In the Czech Republic, the rental agreement can only be deleted from the register if the termination of the rental agreement is proven in the land registry, except in the case of its termination due to the expiry of the rental period, in which case a simple declaration by the lessor is sufficient. In Poland, the application for cancellation of the lease can be filed by the owner of the property or by the tenant. the agreement of the other party to the lease is not required; However, the lease can only be cancelled if the application is accompanied by a document attesting to the termination of the lease agreement (e.g. B a termination). In this article, we have tried to take some important aspects with regard to the payment of stamp duty and the registration of rental contracts, as well as the risks associated with it. Both the tenant and the lessor must check all the clauses mentioned in the document before signing. It is good practice to share the draft treaty first before going to print. Once you have verified and understood the details and conditions of the document, it can be verified. Agent: The term “agent” refers to real estate agents who register on behalf of the owners. That is why it is very important that the lease builds all the necessary details about the transaction and does not look like anything.

Here`s a succinct checklist on the topics a rental agreement should cover: Check the previously registered contracts and check out the details of each contract. If you save a contract and click Save, it means that your rental request is now in design state and can be called in the left toolbar via the Contract Registration Project option in the Contract Registration section. The rental agreement will only be sent after the five sections have been completed and you click Send. With the Request Feedback option in the Contract Registration section in the left toolbar, you can access rental agreements that have not been registered, as the housing authority needs additional feedback. When accessing the contract in the “Request Comments” section, the lessor may amend the contract to meet the mandatory requirements In some countries, the registration of a lease in a public register is mandatory. in other countries, it can be seen as an advantageous instrument for tenants and landlords, especially with regard to claims by third parties. In Poland and the Czech Republic, the registration of a lease in a public register is optional. There are no fees for the renewal of leases that are included in the contract as the lease is renewed annually. The Act applies only to primary-use leases entered into after 1 June 1995. Housing rental contracts drawn up after 1 June 1995 but before the entry into force of this Law and which would still be in force on 1 January 2021, whether within the initial or renewed period, must be registered no later than 1 January 2021.

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