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28th September
written by Tellus

“The pact/BECTU agreement for major feature films allows the crew and producers to have clarification on the working and employment conditions of these films, which is very positive. The negotiation process required a lot of communication between the producer and the crew about the issues facing the production, and now these channels of communication are open, we can all work to make the agreement work effectively through continuous dialogue. I personally want to thank the members of the Production Guild who worked to support the negotiations and bring us to this point where we have a new interprofessional agreement. For Prep & Wrap Worker, this represents a significant improvement. While currently a film usually requires one hour per page of the day included in the price, the new agreement limits this to a maximum of thirty minutes of each page of the day. To ensure that it is maintained, periodic checks have been included in the document. BECTU is convinced that this will serve as the basis for a constantly improving collective agreement, which will lead to long-term solutions for professionals and producers. The agreement includes payments for night work, overtime, 6th and 7th consecutive working days, break period (TOC), penalties for meal breaks, limited preparation and packaging, and the elimination of overtime. The agreement contains a clause that implies that it will be reviewed periodically and, if necessary, revised. This means that it is a step forward, but not the end goal. British feature film workers have historically voted in favour of a collective agreement for Major Motion Pictures. The decisive vote, where a massive majority of 87.61% of independent members voted “yes”, sends a clear message to the industry that the vast majority of workers believe this agreement represents a big step forward.

This agreement has been welcomed throughout the sector and is the result of a fruitful partnership between trade union representatives, producers and employers` organisations. The union has a number of agreements with ITV licensing companies. In addition, a new national agreement – the Joint National Trade Union Committee – was signed in January 2010. The agreement provides for formal negotiations at national level on remuneration and a number of other business-to-business issues. .

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