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4th October
written by Tellus

While the following letter templates are great tools, they are not designed as stand-alone. Let the employee`s managers personally provide the messages, with a printed letter available to the employee that they can take with them after the meeting for their own information. Like any letter, the letter of dismissal for the relocation of establishments must begin by addressing the employee by name and go straight to the point. Before we get to what needs to be included in the staff relocation letter, it is important to check the steps in the process that lead to staff receiving these letters. Moving agreements must include the names of the company and the employee, as they are bilateral agreements. A letter of moving contract is issued to the employee to ensure that the move is done by mutual agreement. These agreements must include the date of entry into force, the details of the expenses reimbursed, the ceiling of reimbursement, the exclusions, the conditions under which the worker must return removal expenses to the enterprise and the worker`s responsibility for the taxes payable. The moving services offered, such as assistance in the sale of the existing house, temporary cost of living, moving expenses, must be detailed. The applicable law of the State under whose jurisdiction the agreement is drawn up must be included.

Communications or waiver statements must be in writing. This section of the letter is super short. In fact, you just want to thank the employee for everything they`ve done in the organization and then unsubscribe. Here are the sections you need to deal with in the moving letter: Moving agreements are required when an employee needs to be transferred from one site to another. The move involves considerable costs and problems, including transportation costs, flight costs, childcare costs in new schools, and information from the existing school about the modification and penalties for early termination of the lease. Since these agreements are concluded between two parties, they are called bilateral agreements. If a company helps an employee move, the employee is also more inclined to move because they know that the cost of this exercise and the complications are borne by the employer. It acts as an incentive for the employee and the company, as the transfer of skills is seamless. This is an agreement entered into on (date of offer) for the payment of moving and moving expenses of employees (name of employee) who have accepted employment (department) at James Madison University. It was as a result of this move that we decided to eliminate positions within the organization. It is with the deepest regret that I must inform you that your position has been removed from the organization. For example, you could offer a moving bonus of $10,000 and a refund of up to $10,000 for moving expenses. If you were only laying off employees when moving your company, you go to the page with the section at the end of this blog for our dismissal letter and script…

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