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6th October
written by Tellus

This degressivity can be determined in advance (e.g. B a fixed annual percentage reduction in fit) or may be reactive in the light of market developments for a given EE technology. 5G core networks are designed with the assumption that the network will be fully virtualized and cloud-native. In addition, 3GPP has STANDARD CUPS technology that decouples the control and user level of the 4G core network. This means that operators should consider a stable migration from their legacy 4G network, consisting of proprietary devices, to a virtualized network. Principals/directors are also authorized to implement control measures at all levels of the Work Process Organization throughout the operation. In this context, mobile operators need to use low-cost methods so that adapting to increased traffic does not require similar growth in infrastructure costs. Traditional infrastructure delivery schemes can only bring limited cost reductions, even under strong pressure to reduce costs, but infrastructure sharing can significantly reduce the costs of providing mobile infrastructure. The normal system of NTNOs is that operational responsibilities and powers are assigned, with certain restrictions, at the departmental level. However, the Dean is responsible for ensuring that the activity financed by the cooperation and contract (BOA) functions satisfactorily in his area of responsibility and is entitled to implement the necessary measures to monitor this activity. All cooperation and contract projects must be the union of a written contract or agreement between the NTNU and the external funding source. Applications and agreements for the erasmus plus joint conclusion must be signed by the rector. As with project owners, municipalities or the Confederation can become the 3rd largest infrastructure provider in the framework of a public-private partnership.

Under the public-private partnership, municipalities act as third-party service providers and the private sector (mobile operator) partially finances the investment while leasing the infrastructure.. . . .

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