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7th October
written by Tellus

D) The Guarantor considers that the Contract and the Agreement on the Guarantee Mechanism constitute important steps to promote equitable international cooperation in the shipbuilding sector and better access of the Republic of Croatia to the world maritime transport market and, against the conclusion by bankžs of such a repayment guarantee agreement with the debtor, it has declared its readiness to assume certain obligations of the debtor under this repayment guarantee agreement. `agreement on guarantee mechanisms` means the agreement described in Preamble C; and in Annex 1, as it may be amended from time to time; (C) The Bank has, with the debtor of 19 December, an agreement on the guarantee facility (“Guarantee Facility Agreement”) was concluded on 1 December 2001, which provides, inter alia, that the Bank shall make available to the debtor a repayment guarantee facility of up to $11,490,000, to ensure the debtor`s repayment obligations to the beneficiary in respect of the first four instalments of $1,436,250. US$2,872,500, US$2,872,500 and US$4,308,750 $US plus interest. Any communication or request required or admissible under this Warranty Agreement or any other agreement entered into by the parties provided for therein shall be made in writing. Except as otherwise provided in section 7.01, such notification or request shall be deemed to have been duly received or made, at the address set out below or at an address other than the notifying party or making the request has indicated in writing. Such delivery may be made by hand, post, cable, telex or fax. Deliveries by cable, telex or fax are also confirmed by post. (d) the Bank shall make every reasonable reasonableness to inform the Guarantor without delay of any written agreement between the Bank and the Beneficiary under the Project which may increase the Guarantor`s obligations under this Guarantee Agreement, as well as of the receipt by the Bank of a claim issued by the Beneficiary under a repayment guarantee and of the date of receipt of this claim. Each Party shall inform the other Party in writing of all circumstances of which it is aware and may result in an event of default in accordance with clause 13 of the Guarantee Facility Agreement and, where appropriate, consult with each other. (f) the issuer has received all other notices, consents, agreements and documents relating to the project documents and deemed acceptable that the issuer may request by notifying the debtor prior to the date of issue of the money-back guarantee; (b) on the same day, dollar funds liquidated through the New York Clearing Clearing Interbank Payments System (or in other dollar funds and/or in another manner that the issuer is required to report as usual at the time of settlement of international transactions of the nature provided for in this Agreement); and 8.16 No discounts, etc. There is no agreement or understanding to grant or pay discounts, premiums, commissions, discounts or other benefits or payments (as described above) to the Beneficiary or any third party in connection with the Purchase of the Vessel by the Buyer, unless this has been notified in writing to the Issuer on or before the date of this Agreement. 13.8 Interpretation. In clause 13.1(f), references to an event of default or a termination event of each event, as described above, are similar to an event of default in a facility agreement or a termination event under a financial leasing agreement; and in clause 13.1(g), “Petition” contains a request.

Unesite riječ za prevod: Engleski rječnik Njemački rječnik Latinski rječnik Turski rječnik Mađarski rječnik Francuski rječnik Rječnik Slovenski rječnik Češki rječnik (d) in the context of a financial assistance, a deferred purchase underperformance or any other agreement which adversely affects the commercial effect of a loan or fundraising by the debtor; (n) any default event (as described above) occurs in connection with another loan or credit or similar agreement involving the debtor or the company`s collateral; 2. take any other action necessary or authorized by the debtor under the facility agreement or other agreement with which the bank and the debtor may be associated. . . .

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