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10th October
written by Tellus

If the nature of your business involves buying or selling raw materials, make sure you are protected from contracts/parties to Malafide. This can be done by creating legally infallible documents. If your request is a raw material delivery contract, look no further. All prefabricated documents available on LegalDesk are certified by a lawyer. If you need adjustments, contact our support team who can help. A contract for the supply of raw materials is essentially a contract of sale within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1930. It can also be a contract of sale under the same law if ownership of the object is transferred immediately, compared to the first, in which two parties agree to deliver goods later. In other words, it is a contract of sale in which one party agrees to the sale and the other agrees to purchase certain goods of economic value. The exercise of rights may take place directly or in the future. There can be two parties, namely the seller and the buyer. It is not necessary for one of them to be welcomed.

Raw materials are the lifeblood of any manufacturing industry. any sector involved in the sale of materials, including the service industry, needs raw materials; For example, the food and beverage industry. Raw materials can be in the form of natural or semi-finished resources that must be processed to become a finished product. For example, wheat can be considered as a raw material for pizza production, either as itself, as refined flour, or as a finished crust. Then come the terms of the agreement. The following are some of the points that can be taken into account in establishing an effective agreement for the supply of raw materials: a brief introduction can also be given on the nature of their activity and the circumstances that led to the agreement. As soon as the purchase and sale intention of the buyer and seller is highlighted, as well as details about the raw materials, the preliminary part of the agreement is concluded. For example, it may be A, a textile company that has turned to B, which is a cotton yarn producer with the intention of procuring two double quintal yarns of Rs 200 per kg of class A for the manufacture of textiles…

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