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11th October
written by Tellus

4) The seller cannot insist on payment in cash. Let the seller cancel the agreement. If he terminates the contract, he will have to reimburse you the advance of rs 22 lakhs that you paid The law is the agreed conditions on the sales contract Date: This is the first thing that appears under this receipt. In this section, you note the calendar date on which the first Earnest money was purchased by the third party, the holder of the money. (f) termination clause: very critical clause, especially in the case of the A buyer should indicate and specify the conditions under which the contract can be terminated and the corresponding refund clause. Even if the contract is terminated by the seller, which becomes without a fine and vice versa. In case of error of law in real estate or mortgage is refused for a similar reason, the seller will refund the money from the tokens to the buyer. .

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