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14th October
written by Tellus

When it comes to inheritances, the game has removed one of the best workarounds for next-generation bitizens to inherit a lot of assets from their rich and dirty parents. Previously, it was easy to pile up hundreds of millions – or even billions of dollars – by making a fortune by a biticen through a medical career or show business, and then declaring in his will and will that only one child would receive 100% of the inheritance. For example, if you have an adult child in the game and your net worth at the time of death was $10 million, including $9 million in cash and a car and house worth a total of $1 million, $4.5 million goes to your spouse, the remaining $4.5 million in cash less taxes going to your son or only daughter. In the same example, if you have three children, all that remains of the $4.5 million after tax is divided into three ways if you choose the Equal Parts in Will and Will option. Once you have tied the knot with your lover, you have the option for him to sign a prenup, or prenup for short. This agreement is directly linked to your assets, i.e. your money. The paragraph above also explains a lot about how divorce arrangements work, but there is more to discuss on this particular topic. In case you married someone with a house (when you don`t have one) and you didn`t sign a prenup, you`ll lose the house if you get divorced, although the financial assets are still split in both directions, as we mentioned earlier – good for you if you were the poorest half of the couple, bad, if they were the richest half. And as we also explained in a previous tip, you can keep the cashless assets you currently own without a prenup in the event of divorce. In the BitLife universe, prenuptial agreements are a convenient way to make sure you`re not taken to the cleaners when you or your spouse file for divorce, and conversely, if you shoot the Gold Digger tape, they prevent you from receiving a single penny after such a separation.

With the new update, Candywriter has made things less dry when it comes to prenups, although it`s still pretty safe to use them (or not use them) to achieve your goals in the game. .

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